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Upland Bird & Game - What to Bring
  1. If you got dogs, bring em' along!!! Please notify in advance in order to discuss.

  2. A fast swing shotgun, 12 or 20 gauge.

  3. An Upland Vest.

  4. Chaps, as the brush can get thick.

  5. Collapsible Soft Cooler(s) - If you plan on taking birds home, you must bring coolers.

  6. Ammunition Ammo can be coordinated with the suppliers below, or we can order it for you. Expect to shoot a minimum a box per day, or more if you need practice!!. We suggest #6's for chicken and #7 1/2 for partridge. Note: ammunition is more expensive in Canada than the U.S.
Weyburn Co-op - (306) 848-3685
TNT Gun Works - (306) 352-8505
Great Northern Rod & Reel - (306) 359-7378

Upland Bird & Game - Additional Recomendations
     (in addition to your regular bird hunting kit)
  1. Coffee Thermos

  2. Shotgun plug - for semi automatics, you are only allowed 3 rounds in the gun. 1 in the chamber, 2 in the mag.

  3. Rain Gear

  4. Dog Kennel if you bringing your pooch

  5. Go to the sporting clays range and do some practice shooting prior to your trip. Many hunters have not shot their guns since last year's trip, and take a day or two to get back on track, but if need be, we can shoot all the clays you want.