Last Mountain Lake Outfitters
P.O. Box 251
Earl Grey, SK  Canada
S0G 1J0
(306) 939-4803

Client "To Do" List
  1. Once we have decided on and confirmed your week via telephone we will require:
    • A $500 USD depostit / hunter made out to Terry Young. Personal cheques are fine for deposits only. No deposit, no spot! Deposits required for all group members. Upon receiving deposits for your entire group, we will mail out a receipts.
    • All names, addresses, telephone/fax, numbers of clients in your group
    • Final payments to be made by cash, certified cheque, travelers cheque, or bankdraft on arrival

  2. "Canadian Firearm Regulations" can be found at
    • We strongly encourage firearm pre-registration and processing - call Customs in Regina at (306) 780-5218 or Saskatoon at (306) 975-4755
    • If not pre-registering, all hunters should download the "Non Resident Firearms Declaration" form and complete 3 copies prior to going through customs. Do not sign Section C until you are in front of the Customs Officials.
    • DWI convictions, Criminal Records, and entry status into Canada call (306) 927-2335.
    • Passports are now required for admission into Canada.
    • In order to bring shotguns into Canada, print out a "Non-Resident Firearm Declaration" form (CARC909) and fill out in triplicate. DO NOT SIGN the form until you're in front of a Canadian Customs Official. Or, you may pre-register by calling (306) 975-4755 Ext. 2
    • Canadian Border Crossing Services - 1-800-438-7020.

  3. "Saskatchewan Hunting Regulations" can be found at All Hunters should familiarize themselves with the waterfowling regulations.

  4. Clients traveling via air will have to rent a vehicle in Regina and travel to camp. We encourage 4x4 vehicles from the following rental companies:
    • Thrifty Car Rental (306) 525-1000
    • Budget Rental (306) 791-6810
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car (306) 359-3535

  5. You can coordinate your own ammunition with the suppliers below, or we can look after this for you. We need to known early as possible! BB's for geese, #2's for ducks.

    • TNT Gun Works - (306) 352-8505
    • Great Northern Rod & Reel - (306) 359-7378

  6. Review the Map of Saskatchewan, and make sure you can find our camp on the map.

  7. Practice your goose calling. Get proficient on a Canada Goose, and Snow Goose call.

  8. If this is your only wingshooting trip of the year make sure to practice at a sporting clays range prior to your trip. This would be time and money well spent.