Last Mountain Lake Outfitters
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What to Bring
  1. Camouflage - Camouflage is a must! Advantage Wetlands, Fall Flight, Shadow Grass are all good patterns. Money well spent would be on new camo.

  2. White Coveralls - White coveralls are used for snow/speck hunting.

  3. Snow/Canada/Speck Goose Calls - Big River calls are easy to blow. The snow goose call is essential, because the more calls in the spread the better. Learning how to effectively operate a goose call is time will spent. Audio tapes are available, and hunters should become proficient with a Canada, and Snow goose call. Be advised that the guide may be temporarily away from the action retrieving or spotting, therefore there may be times in which you are expected to do your own calling.

  4. Face Masks - Face masks are the most important piece of equipment and well worth the cost. Bring both white, and camouflage facemasks.

  5. Collapsible Soft Cooler(s) - If you plan on taking birds home, you must bring coolers.

  6. Ammunition Ammo can be coordinated with the suppliers below, or we can order it for you. Expect to shoot a minimum of 1-2 boxes/day. We suggest BB's for geese and #2 shot for ducks. Note: ammunition is more expensive in Canada than the U.S.
Wayne Galger Sports - (306) 725-4393
TNT Gun Works - (306) 352-8505
Great Northern Rod & Reel - (306) 359-7378

Additional Recomendations (in addition to your regular bird hunting kit)
  1. Coffee Thermos

  2. Hip Waders

  3. Shotgun plug - for semi automatics, you are only allowed 3 rounds in the gun. 1 in the chamber, 2 in the mag.

  4. A 2nd gun may not be a bad idea.

  5. Rain Gear

  6. Dog Kennel

  7. Go to the sporting clays range and do some practice shooting prior to your trip. Many hunters have not shot their guns since last year's trip, and take a day or two to get back on track.